London ‘over’ground

One thing that lots of  tourists in London don’t realise is that the London Tube Map is not to scale.  You will be surprised at how many tube stations in London are within a short walk of each other.  For instance, many tourists change trains at Bond Street to get to Oxford Circus to shop.  This tube journey takes 6 minutes – above ground, it’s an 8 minute walk.  One of the most popular tube journeys involves going from Covent Garden to Leicester Square.  This is actually the shortest distance between two stations on the whole London underground!   If you find yourself at Green Park Stations, instead of changing tube lines to go to Hyde Park Corner, get off at Green Park and walk through the park that the station was named after – the lovely green space and tree lined paths of Green Park.  This park borders Buckingham Palace and you will often see the Horse Guards en route to Horse Guard Parade.

This London Map is inspired. It shows you the walking distance between tube stations. So stay overground when you can and see more of London. Walking Tube Map